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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Office Accidents

Well, it has been over a week since my last post and I am still not sure that I have anything interesting to write about. So, what has been happening in my life you ask? Not a whole lot....

The most exciting thing to happen all month happened last night while I was hanging out with my husband at the office because he had to work a little late. He was working and I was watching reality tv online when the fire alarm began to sound, VERY loudly. We paused, and looked at each other....shocked. "What do we do?" I said, as all of my fire drill training left my brain. Thankfully, he knew what to do. "We will go ahead and leave and take the stairs out." See, I totally would have taken the elevator and died. So, that's what we did. We gathered all of our stuff (including my cupcake perched precariously on a little plate) and headed out the door. Everyone else on our floor seemed equally stunned. They were all standing in the lobby and staring at one another commenting, "Well, we know it works." Brilliant comment, somebody always has to say it....They followed us down the stairs (I was still clutching my cupcake). A few people were just going to stand outside until the alarms stopped but we just headed to the car and home (I ate my cupcake in the car to prevent mishaps).

I also experienced an office worker accident yesterday. There are several kinds of office worker injuries in my experience:

  1.  Running into the sharp corner of your desk
  2.  Bumping your shins on an open file drawer
  3.  Banging your knees against your desk
  4. Paper cuts
  5.  File/cardboard cuts
  6. Being grabbed ruthlessly by the hanging folder as its weight causes it to fall out of your hand into the drawer and takes a chunk of your thumb with it as it can guess which one happened to me....
Happy Friday eve everyone!