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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some New Things

Well, it has been a very busy month in the Garcia household. We moved. Better yet, we moved into a house. OUR house. As in, we own it (technically this “owning” thing will take place over the next 30 years, but who wants to hear about that?). Last week I worked half days each day so I could go home and pack and clean. Then, when Chris got home we would eat dinner and pack and clean. I had not been that physically tired since I volunteered at a summer kid’s camp for a week.
We signed the paperwork on Friday, August 23rd. As we were filling it out I pointed out that the zip code listed for our new home was 65807 and Google maps said it was 65802. I was told that 65807 was the zip from the postal service and it was what was provided by the previous homeowners so it was correct. I was still inwardly questioning. I was also upset considering I had spent over an hour changing the address for the DMV, my credit card, my magazine subscription, etc. Not looking forward to doing all of that over again. I had also put 65802 as my forwarding address for the United States Postal Service. Great. That afternoon I decided to start with the USPS. I got online, changed the zip and hit submit. It was automatically changed to 65802. 3 more tries and the same results. 2 zip code look ups with different ways of typing in the address and the results were the same. So, guess what:

Unfortunately, that also means we had to go in and sign ALL of the paperwork again. Kind of a joy kill.
Being tired and moving does not do good things for my mind. On Monday morning we make it to the stop sign at the end of our street when I remember I forgot my fob to get into work. We turn around, C opens the garage, I run in, grab it, run out and we head for the end of the street. We aren’t even past the mail box before I realize I forgot my glasses. Repeat. We finally leave. I start freaking out about how I am making us late. C informs me that I need to relax. His actual words were, “We’re fine! Gosh, you’re a basket case.” True.
This past weekend my parents came to help us finish moving the big stuff and organize our stuff. Basically, my mom made my living room look like Pottery Barn=I may never move anything, ever. Just kidding….maybe….


Other highlights:
·         Ripping chunks of paint off the walls removing our whiteboard from the kitchen wall in the apartment----Having the apartment manager not notice/care…whew!
·         Driving all the way to Clever for Chinese food only to discover the restaurant was closed for the holiday
·         Discovering Rocco’s Italian Restaurant in Republic because we were too hungry to drive back to Springfield. (It is really good)
·         Killing the spiders that waited to come out until it was MY turn to shower.

I had a moment when we took the last item out of our apartment. 2 years. We grew a lot together in the last 2 years in that apartment, just as we had in the previous 2 years in our first apartments. In this apartment C lost his job and we watched God provide a temporary job for him immediately and a permanent position right when we needed him to have one. God brought a new job for me when I needed it and throughout the year provided the money to make up for the pay cut I took to work in it. Then, God provided a pay raise for me. We suffered disappointment, anger, sadness as well as happiness and deep, deep joy. I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives; I know that God has greater things in store for us!


  1. I tried commenting earlier from my phone. It did not work. :(
    Your living room looks very cute! Do you and your mom teach how to put a room together because I need help. :)
    Roccos is good pizza - we go to the one in Willard, though it has a new name. We also like the "small town feel" of Willard when we eat there.

    1. LOL, well, she has more skills than I do but I still think it's fun.
      We haven't gone into Willard, clearly we are missing out!