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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fuzzy Mornings

Every year I dread the Spring time change. My body refuses to let me go to sleep at night and takes forever to begin functioning in the morning. This makes for various near errors like nearly using the body wash as shampoo, or putting the clothes in the dryer and walking away, forgetting to turn it on....thankfully, I have a husband willing to pick up my slack. I am even more blessed that he doesn't even comment on it. 

We began house hunting this weekend which culminated in a second visit to a home that had me feeling like I was waiting in line to go on Wildfire at Silver Dollar City.

This period of life is making me feel excited and "I feel like I might be sick" nervous at the same time. It is such a huge decision. Like choosing a wedding dress but you live with it every day instead of one day of your life. Also, it is SO expensive. Wow....

In other news I have discovered a Disney station on Pandora and may I say listening to "Be a Man" from Mulan makes the whole day better. It also makes me wish I was listening to it in my car by myself so I could belt out the words with enthusiasm (because I literally know ALL of them)...that seems like it would help relieve some stress...