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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day...

Today, is Valentine's Day. Each year I try to remember what was done the year before. My husband and I couldn't even remember what we did last year. I finally remembered that he dropped off one of those blooming cards from the Hallmark store. It is still sitting on my desk. It reminds me of his thoughtfulness. Unfortunately,  I remember NOTHING else from that day. Weird. I also remember all of those years of being single on Valentine's Day. I remember all of those posts on Facebook from people telling all the single girls not to feel bad, Jesus is your valentine! Uhm, that's great. Thanks. Enjoy your date with your boyfriend. I also wanted to tell the world something else. I AM OKAY WITH BEING SINGLE ON VALENTINE'S DAY! Seriously. I don't have angst...I don't wish for a boyfriend...Jesus is enough but I don't need him to be "my valentine". I was okay because Jesus is enough EVERY DAY. He is enough for me right now, even though I am married and "my valentine" is my wonderful husband. God still holds my heart in His hands and I am His completely. He just joined my heart with that of my husband.

I enjoy Valentine's Day. I have since I was a little girl and Valentine's Day meant a special dinner with the family followed by exchanging cards, receiving of pajamas (odd tradition but we loved it) and a whole lotta laughter. I just felt loved. Time had been taken to make me feel that way. I get frustrated with people that say that Valentine's Day is stupid, that guys should show their love every day, that it is just for the greeting card companies....I say, take the time to realize you are loved. You are loved by God, you are loved by your family, you are loved by your friends. Enjoy it. It doesn't matter if you are single and you are going out with your girlfriends, if you are single and you are spending it alone, or if you are in a relationship. Don't let ANYONE tell you that you should feel a certain way or even just ignore the day. It is okay to experience that twinge of " I wish I was in a relationship". It doesn't mean you are less of a person. It doesn't mean you love God any less because you don't want Jesus to be your only valentine. It means you are human. Embrace it. However, take a moment and realize that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe, passionately. Then you will feel better. Then eat chocolate.

So, what are my husband and I doing for Valentine's Day? I can't tell you because it is not appropriate for blogging. But I will tell you this. I thank my God for love!


  1. What a great Valentine's post - funny AND sincere.
    We don't celebrate here b/c our Dec/Jan have enough celebrating days for us - we postpone Vday till March ... and then I always forget and feel bad when Mike hands me a card, and I have nothin'.
    Also - I will message you about coffee.