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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mid-week Musings

On Tuesday I killed a small beetle that was making its way across my desk. Am I the only person who has some anxiety after killing an insect that it will suddenly come back to life in a larger form and attack me the moment I go to pick it up with a Kleenex? Or, that its friends will discover its death and surprise attack me? Irrational you say? Have YOU ever had an insect come back to life after you thought it was dead? OR, what is worse, not be there anymore when you return with a Kleenex? Trust me, it will keep you looking over your shoulder ALL day....

On another note, I felt that I had put together a particularly cute outfit yesterday and received no positive feedback=LET DOWN....I hate it when that happens...

For all of those viewers of Downton Abbey out there: Are we supposed to like Mary? She is annoying.

I would like to say for those of you that view the Bachelor that my expectations for drama have been met and exceeded.



  1. Again. This=awesome. I totally have the same fear. Also, I agree about Mary. She is being super annoying. Love the pictures!

  2. That picture of Mary sums up her annoying-ness. I want to say, "it's Matthew'a money. Shut up about your father's feelings."
    Also I once had a spider fall from the sky (or perhaps a tree) and land on my shoulder. That was 20 years ago, and I have yet to recover.