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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trials of Tuesday

Today I have done numerous awkward things:

1. I tripped in an empty hallway by stubbing my toe on a perfectly flat surface. I then began to walk faster as though that would wipe away the stumble....why do we do that? How does speed walking after a stumble or running up the stairs after tripping make it better....Maybe no one will notice my lack of coordination if I do what I just failed doing REALLY fast....nice try...
2. I took a computer class and when the instructor asked if anyone had questions avoided eye contact and looked down at my screen...why do we do that? I don't HAVE to ask a question if she catches my eye, this is not elementary school, she doesn't expect me to ask anything if I don't have a question....everyone else was doing the same thing.....strange.
3. When I was leaving the class I began to reach for the wrong door in the hallway and immediately sped up my reach for the correct door handle....does that mean no one will notice my lack of concentration as I chose the wrong one and swerved? Probably not....
4. I also walked faster to avoid the awkward "Do I hold the door for them or not" moment. You know, when you aren't sure if you are too far ahead to hold the door but then you don't know what they expect so you stand there for what feels like forever holding the door and it is awkward. To avoid that I sped walked so there would be NO doubt that I was too far ahead to hold the door. Is that rude? I don't know. I just know that when people hold the door for me for a long time I feel compelled to walk faster and it is awkward. So, you are welcome.