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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take Your Daughter to Work Day!

Today is "Take Your Daughter to Work Day". I used to LOVE this day. Although, because my sister and I were home schooled until high school we still had to bring some school work with us. We would get dressed up and prepared to generally be made much of by all of the nurses and front desk workers. What's not to like? PLUS, a lunch out with Dad=BONUS. I remember following Dad around, meeting with patients (after asking if it was okay) and trying not to look as he removed stitches. If the patients agreed we could also see X-rays as he reviewed them with the patients and once we even got to sit in on a carpal tunnel surgery (from behind a curtain via monitor)!  The only way my sensitive stomach handled this was due to the fact that thanks to the modern use of cameras we skipped to viewing the inner parts of her arm rather than seeing any blood. That was good considering the fact that I once almost passed out at a national battlefield when the historian discussed surgery during the Civil War. Mom would usually come pick us up in the early afternoon because by then she knew we would be bored with the occasional patient visit and side task assigned to us by Dad. At least we should have been finished with our school work so we would get to go home and play. I mostly remember being very proud of my Dad. He made us feel special and it was evident that he cared about his patients and was good at what he was doing.

In other news, I was forced to kill a spider in the bathroom on Monday. Rounding the corner of my stall to wash my hands it was just there, dangling from its web, ready to land on the sink. I stood there for a moment, contemplating just skipping the hand washing and fleeing, when I realized I would probably have to use the facilities later so I better just take care of it now. Thankful for my decision to wear my boots that morning I removed my right shoe and whacked, as hard as I could at the spider. I don't think it knew what hit it. It landed in the sink, alive, so I smashed it so hard it stuck to my boot. I rinsed it off and then it still didn't go down the sink. I had to splash water until it went down the drain, feeling that creepy feeling on my spine and imagining it coming back to life and jumping onto my hand. I didn't turn the water off until right before I left. Naturally, my entire week has involved paranoia with every visit to the restroom. Stupid spider.

In addition, this entire week has felt like winter. But only in the morning. Tricky.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...


On Monday I wore my new, shiny, fake patent leather pumps that I had purchased on Saturday. 1 hour into my day they had a chip in the outer material exposing the white material underneath. By the end of the day they had two chips in them and I could no longer feel the balls of my feet. Therefore that evening I returned the shoes and visited every major department store in the mall as well as Rack Room Shoes. Nothin'.

On Tuesday I dressed for the 65 degree weather as forecasted  I was unaware that it would only be 65 for about 10 minutes, around 2:00pm. Otherwise it was cold, windy and 45 degrees.

Last night when I picked Chris up from work I was starving and feeling the effects of a sinus pressure headache. I had two coupons for $2.99 meals from KFC to try their new boneless original recipe chicken so, rather than me cooking that's what we did. By the time we got home I was hitting grumpy hungry and I am pretty certain so was my husband. Therefore, you can imagine our horror when we opened what was supposed to meal #2 to a box full of biscuits. I love biscuits. I just also love eating chicken, and I REALLY love getting what I ordered and paid for and not driving for 15 minutes through Springfield traffic to be DENIED.

This morning I drove to work with my husband's parking pass in MY car....ooops....

So, basically, every day this week there has been something that has caused me to feel frustration, shake my head and thankfully, see the humor. In addition, aren't we all happy that our joy comes from the Lord, instead of our circumstances? Just a thought. :)

Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Link Up- A Letter to Your 10 Year Old Self

Hello friends, I am linking up with Dipped in Folly to write a letter to my 10 year old self. I hardly remember being 10 and I am pretty sure it is for a reason. Anyway, here goes!

Dear 10 year old Self,

There are a few things you should know:

1. Don't cut your hair off, seriously, it will get huge and frizzy
2. Two words: Hair. Product.Also, don't brush your curly hair when you get out of the shower, brush it before and let it curl when wet
3. High School won't be what you think it will be so try to enjoy being 10
4. I hate to crush your dreams but you won't find Narnia in your closet, you need to let it go...

I know you are eager to please and define yourself based on the opinions of others. Don't. You are unique and worthy of love simply because of how God made you. Don't compare yourself to your sister or your friends. You just be you. Promise. Don't worry so much. Don't be ashamed to laugh loudly. Finally, you WILL grow up and marry the man of your dreams, God has that covered.

Your 27 year old self

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

This past Saturday on our way to Walmart I noticed my husband looking at his drivers side window and trying to get something to fly off of it. I assumed it was a lady-bug or some other small harmless bug that will frequently catch a ride on the way to our destination  When we pulled into our parking space and I could see what it was....a HUGE yellow, if it had been me we probably wouldn't have made it so calmly. I would have heard that THING thud against my window, squealed like the girly girl I am and possibly swerved. I then would have crawled out the passenger side door to avoid even the possibility of it flying off in my direction. My brain refuses to let me let go of the notion that all stinging insects are plotting  evil.

I have stopped pinning work out ideas from pinterest. All of the pictures are these totally fit/ripped women and their exercise routine (provided below) got them that way. Bull. They don't eat like I do, I can promise you that. So already I know my abs will never look like that, I don't care what they say. They definitely work out more than I have time/desire to and they most likely eat smoothies, veggie burgers and zero sugar...nevermind....I didn't want to look that "muscley" anyway, so.there. Now, if I could look like that after working out 3 times a week and only taking half of a brownie that would be awesome. As that is not the case I will be eating the WHOLE brownie. Thank you.

This weekend I got a new pair of sneakers and when I got to the car I switched shoes like a 5 year old so I could wear my news ones .

That is all

Friday, April 5, 2013

Guest Post! Cows and Chicken: A Cautionary Tale

Please enjoy this fabulous guest post from Danielle Pemberton!

During the Christmas season Aaron (her fiancĂ©) and I got really excited about the peppermint milkshakes at Chick-fil-A….I mean, REALLY excited. Unfortunately we only got to enjoy one so we thought it would be a good idea in February to see if they maybe still had them around. We knew it was a long shot, but we had to try. The last time we were there they had the cow roaming around and saying hello to kids (well, not literally of course, because the cow can’t talk) and bothering adults. We thought it was a special thing, but it was there again when we went on our desperate quest for a peppermint shake.

When we first arrived the cow sat at our booth and that was awkward because, as previously stated, the cow can’t actually say anything and you can only do a halfhearted laugh for so long. Then it gave Aaron a weird hug and finally left the table. We thought that would be the end of it. We were not that lucky. We had been enjoying our time and stayed talking after we had finished our food, but just as we were wrapping up the cow came out again. I saw it head behind me and didn't really monitor where it went. Then, just as I was taking a last sip of my coke it put its furry hands over my eyes….and left them there….for a long time….
As most people know, I don't like to be touched by strangers. So I really didn't like being touched by furry hands that have been who knows where. Also, I was surprised by the action so it made me instantly annoyed. Aaron knows both of those things so as the cow continued to touch my face he got more and more angry. Finally, he stood up, ready to punch the cow if necessary. The cow got the hint as Aaron headed his direction. He still decided to give Aaron an awkward hug before walking away, not cool cow, not cool.

The End.