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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What a Day

Yesterday I took Winston (the new dog) to the vet for the first time. He had already been once before we bought him to get his first booster and heartworm medication but it was MY first time to take him. I went home early from work so I could eat some lunch before driving over there. It had been raining outside and Winston kept coming in and of the doggie door. He was having a blast. It was almost time to go so I was wrapping up my lunch when he came charging through the doggie door and jumped up to get his paws and face in my lap:

Good job Winston, good.job. So, after a change of clothes we headed out the door to drive to the vet. After turning onto the main road I began to smell something suspicious from the backseat, a.k.a it smelled like poop. In my attempts to determine whether my dog had just pooped in my backseat or if it was just another bad case of "laborgas" I looked behind me to check....and drifted onto the median=I am not to be trusted. Praise God there were no signs in front of me and no cars around me and only minor damage to the right tire. And from that point on Winston could have been chewing out the entire interior of the car and I wouldn't have checked. He was on his own. Thankfully, the experience left both of us a little shaken so he laid down. Oh, and he hadn't pooped. 

After parking the car Winston and I walked down the sidewalk and into the door. The receptionist wasn't manning her desk so I was just standing there thinking how it was weird to have a carpeted waiting room in a vet clinic when I realized that I had accidently walked into the "Second Thought" Laser Tattoo removal office (the door right before the vet office)...oops...The good news is that they have bad customer service so I was able to get out of there before the receptionist came to assist me. Whew....The actual visit to the vet went quite well so that had a happy ending. Aside from this mean girl dog who growled at Winston there were no incidents. 

When we got home I decided to start a fire and had a good start when I realized I hadn't opened the flue (yes, again). Quickly douse the flame and yank as hard as my two hands can to get down that flue! Start fire until my husband gets home because I couldn't get my wet wood to now burn+make dinner+start laundry. 

All good days must come to an end and thanks to Winston's booster shot he was wiped out like I was. Bedtime is always a good time.