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Friday, October 4, 2013


On Monday my husband and I were FINALLY able to sell our leather loveseat. It had just been hangin' out in our garage since we moved and we were really ready to sell it so we could fit both cars in the garage, oh and get money=bonus. There were at least 6 people who inquired about it and then we never heard from them again. There was even one lady who called and said her daughter would be by to pick it up after a trip to Lowe's.....nope. I could see that going down: Elderly Lady: "I found you a sofa!" Daughter: " What? Mom, no, I don't want to buy that sofa." EL: "Yes you do! It is nice, I spoke to them already. You want to go pick it up tonight while I watch the kids?" D: "Whatever, sure." Meanwhile at the Garcia house...... one....

Thankfully we finally got a legitimate call over the weekend and the sofa is gone.

Last night I decided to try a new recipe:

Italian Pepperoni Quiche. It was delicious. 2 hours and two tummy aches later we realized that possibly this meal was not for us.....looks like we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch instead of left overs.....unfortunate. I am still not sure why our stomachs were unable to effectively digest this dish when we eat pizza just fine but, oh well....As a side note, can I just say that easy open has never meant it is easily opened, EVER. The frozen veggies you use for this recipe came in an "easy open" bag....which I had to cut in half....with scissors. I can't be the only one....
The weather this weekend should be much cooler and I think we will actually get to light a fire in our fireplace! Basically, that makes my whole weekend. Also, I can finally wear all of the fall outfits I have been planning in my head over the summer. Again, I can't be the only one.....
On Sunday night we met a few more of our neighbors including a 13 year old girl who informed us that we didn't need to worry about the people that speed through our neighborhood because her dad knows who they are and "he shows up on their door step with a baseball bat." Oh good....I feel better....right.I am assuming she is not serious. Although, I too get angry at the speeders, but, still.....
Happy Friday!


  1. That quiche looks so pretty (and tasty) - how sad that it didn't agree with you.
    I agree that easy open bags are a complete lie and that fall is a great time for outfits. However half of the outfits I have planned out in my head I do not own at the moment. The curse of Pinterest... :)