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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heat Bringing Happiness

It has been and will continue to be very busy here at work. Normally about this time Spring is in the air and I can sense that summer is just around the corner. Not today. Not this week. Not even this month. What have we been experiencing instead? Snow.

Photo: Snow in Lenexa, KS
Yep. That's what it looked like this past weekend when I celebrated my sister's upcoming marriage by throwing her a shower and also celebrated our birthday. And no, I am not speaking in third person. I share my date of birth with my previously mentioned sister. Sidenote: It is such a blessing to have a twin sister who is also your best friend.

Anyway, normally about this time I start to get excited for the summer. Not because it will change my routine like it did in my school days but simply because I remember how it changed my routine in my school days. I remember those April days during the standardized testing while I was being home-schooled with my siblings. April, and standardized testing meant morning walks with mom and relaxed mornings of testing. We weren't quite done with lessons for the school year, but we were close. I knew that a summer full of reading books and riding bikes and a family vacation were in my future. I get excited because of my memories. I remember in High School April meant that you watched a lot of movies in class because the teachers were just as ready as you were to be done with school. In college it meant that I had 3 months of virtually no hard thinking in my future. These days it means nothing. Well, that's not quite true. It means that our utility bill will go down because we won't have to crank up the heat. It also means my husband and I can enjoy outdoor activities  Both are very good things. In addition sunshine makes even driving to and from work better. But, for right now I am rejoicing in two things:
1. A rotating heater in the women's bathroom
2. The heater that is now under my desk making it possible for my toes to not freeze

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