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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Eve

Only two more days and the Daniel Fast is completed! The cravings have never stopped they just lessened a little. Last night I wanted chocolate REALLY badly. What did I eat? Cashews. 48 hours....

Yesterday, my boss took the office for frozen yogurt. Was it cheating? Yes. Did I feel badly? Nope. There is no way I was going to pass up on FREE frozen yogurt and I wasn't about to go watch everyone else eat it. My sacrifice was not smothering it in candy as I usually do, thereby eliminating any part of it that is "healthier" than ice-cream. When my boss asked me "Don't you put anything on top?" I had a moment of indecision  Do I tell her, "Yes, usually I cover this sucker in chocolate sprinkles, reeses pieces, and Oreo crumbs, but I am fasting so I can't." This sounded ridiculous in my head so instead I stood there, thinking it through, awkwardly...finally I said, "uhm, no." without conviction. Tonight is veggie burgers and I am excited like it is hot fudge sundae night.

At work I am in the process of administering two scholarships. I am amazed by the pictures submitted for a press release should they win. One student directed me to her facebook page. Uhm, really? No. I told her she needed to send me her photo as an attachment. I also wanted to say, " the whole world is not 17, please act accordingly." I have also received cropped photos from award ceremonies with somebody else's shoulder right next to their face...that's what you would want in the newspaper, huh? Well, alright....amazing...

Last night I dreamed I was back in High School. When I woke up I was so happy to be an adult. Then, I thought, I wonder what my current friends were like in High School. Would we have talked? Been friends? I already know that my husband and I would not have spoken. He was popular and I wouldn't have got a second look with my crazy curly hair and braces. There are a few that I think I would have connected with but several who would not have talked to me. It is so nice what adulthood does for leveling the field and bringing maturity....for most people ;)

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I would have been your friend in High School. Oh wait, I was :) Love you. Reading these makes me miss you even more. We need to come for a visit!

    1. Love you! Yep, you have been the bestest of friends for many years, you are such a blessing! I really like that visit idea!

  2. "The whole world is not 17, please act accordingly." LOVE it. I think I will be quoting this quite frequently, Courtney!
    I have the utmost admiration for all you Daniel-fasters. I have realized this month how much self-control I lack in the food dept. And speaking of food - let's do coffee again soon!