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Monday, January 28, 2013

So, it's Monday

Had a wonderful weekend with family and didn't want it to end! Can I say the breakfast buffet at Hemingway's was the PERFECT way to end a 21 day Daniel fast. I must also admit that my stomach was NOT thanking me but it was totally worth it. This week we go back to regular eating habits but we will definitely do our best to continue to eat fruits and vegetables and curb our sugar intake.

On Saturday we drove out to Reed's Springs to sample the Reed's Springs Pizza Company (voted #1 pizza place in MO by USA Today) but we almost couldn't find it. After passing a home proudly sporting the confederate flag and a rifle we had second thoughts about our directions. We turned around and plugged the location into the GPS which saved the day! The pizza place was full of local character and characters and a VERY small bathroom. Great food! Saturday afternoon we hung out at the apartment and while I was preparing dinner my family was enjoying "The Further Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle". A classic film that shouldn't be missed!

My husband took a few moments to take out the trash, which seemed to take longer than it usually does. I heard him come in and then I heard what sounded like an armful of metal pipes falling to the ground. Turning to discover the source of the noise I found him grinning sheepishly and toting what appeared to be an exercise machine he had found by the dumpster. Upon his discovery he had pulled it around behind the dumpster in order to avoid being seen while he tested it for problems. It worked just fine and is now in residence in our apartment. We are going to miss the dumpster when we move into a house this year....the source of so many good things that other people are too lazy to move. Although, we still feel a little ridiculous...

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