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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Almost There...

I opened my eyes on Saturday and was questioning my reason for getting of bed due to the fact there would be no coffee. I inwardly groaned at the thought of getting out of bed and curling up on this cold morning with a cold cup of water and a banana. I know this may sound pathetic but you try going 2 weeks and counting with no warming beverage in the month of January and see what motivates you! However, just one more week! Yay! Almost there....

I was VERY happy to have a 3 day weekend. I was NOT happy that my husband had to work all day on Saturday. After bringing him his lunch at about 12:00 (I did get all of the laundry done before leaving the house=10 bonus points to me) I, of course, planned to stay until he was done. Neither one of us guessed it would take 3 hours longer to finish the job than anticipated. So, while he worked I watched tv online and read. I still felt like I had been working all afternoon. Weird. Poor guy. Thankfully he took Monday off so we could spend the holiday together and relax. On Monday I watched a Miss Marple (Agatha Christie mystery novel character) mystery wherein they completely changed the outcome. Not the identity of the murderer but what happened to the characters after the murderer was caught. I was extremely confused. However, I save my outrage for movie adaptations of the Narnia Chronicles. I have never seen so much license taken with beloved stories. Why? Those stories are perfect! Outrage. I also caught up on season 3 of Downton Abby. Why did I sit for 4 hours to catch up on this series? So that I could too could understand references to various characters on Facebook and Pinterest and feel like a part of the culture, that's why. Was it good? Yes, yes it was. Did I have to resist the urge to speak like Maggie Smith's character when it was over (sarcasm with sophistication)? Yes, yes I did. Then next time someone asks me if I have seen Downton I can say, YES! YES I HAVE! Success.

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  1. Success indeed!
    Maggie Smith's character is my favorite.