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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ahhh, Friday

Friday at last. Short weeks often feel the longest. Last day of the Daniel fast and that feels great. My tummy probably won't love me when this weekend is over but my senses will be happy. I was planning my meals for next week so I can go grocery shopping tomorrow and I was doing a little research on the new breakfast sandwiches that Special K have recently begun selling. Google got the message, just not clearly:

I am not Spanish or Spanish speaking, despite my last name....thanks Google ads.....nice try

Last night my husband and I went to the Library to pick up some DVDs for the weekend. He discovered a show he watched as a child:

Pretty cool. I had never heard of this show but it was entertaining. Almost as good as MacGyver:

Yep, this is what we watch in our household. Manly 80's shows. I know you are jealous. Happy Friday!