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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring for a Day

The temperature today is supposed to reach 80 degrees. Love. It will not warm up again until later next week so basically we better enjoy it today, even as we fight the gale force winds bringing in the cold air for tomorrow. Unfortunate.

Last night I nearly had a melt down because my egg mixture was oozing out of my crescent roll soufflĂ©...Yes, I was THAT ridiculous. My husband kept repeating "It's okay, it's not a big deal, it's okay." Finally, at a loss for my apparent total lack of emotional control he said, " Did something else happen today?" To which I replied, "No!" providing the impression that I may have just jumped off the deep end. Sensing that reason had left the building he calmly went to take shower. This left me with my own thoughts as I attempted to figure out what the heck just happened. Stress. Stress just happened. I have a lot on my plate right now and apparently oozing egg was enough to push me over the edge....dumb. You know why I am stressed? Because I am afraid. Afraid of not being perfect and working everything out perfectly. Also, dumb. I wish I had an inspirational word right here about how to fix my insecurities but as I am still very much in progress I guess I will just have to say that I praise God  for grace and a patient spouse as I work to grow into the confident, secure, gracious woman God desires me to be. But you know what? It IS okay. This morning I was reminded of one of my FAVORITE songs as a tween:

Click on the title to listen on Youtube: Rebecca St. James- OK

Go Rebecca St. James! At 13 I pretty much wanted to be her. Anyways....

This morning on my drive in to work I discovered a bleeding, pin sized wound on my finger that I have no recollection of inflicting....kind of like the red spot I discovered on my forehead last night. Seriously, that is why I always have to work extra hard to not bump into things during shorts season. I always look like a 10 year old because I manage to bruise or scratch my legs. 

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I haven't been outside yet, but I am not looking forward to the wind...I thought about wearing my hair down today, but while I was flatironing it all I could think about was how it would all be in my face...and the ponytail won out...

    I love the picture!

  2. Oh, Courtney - I find myself nodding at so much of this. The stress of life and wanting to be perfect - or things to be perfect - many of my tears have been shed over the stove/kitchen sink. You are not alone.
    Thanks for the reminder of God's grace and His gifts of patient people in our lives.