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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

This past Saturday on our way to Walmart I noticed my husband looking at his drivers side window and trying to get something to fly off of it. I assumed it was a lady-bug or some other small harmless bug that will frequently catch a ride on the way to our destination  When we pulled into our parking space and I could see what it was....a HUGE yellow, if it had been me we probably wouldn't have made it so calmly. I would have heard that THING thud against my window, squealed like the girly girl I am and possibly swerved. I then would have crawled out the passenger side door to avoid even the possibility of it flying off in my direction. My brain refuses to let me let go of the notion that all stinging insects are plotting  evil.

I have stopped pinning work out ideas from pinterest. All of the pictures are these totally fit/ripped women and their exercise routine (provided below) got them that way. Bull. They don't eat like I do, I can promise you that. So already I know my abs will never look like that, I don't care what they say. They definitely work out more than I have time/desire to and they most likely eat smoothies, veggie burgers and zero sugar...nevermind....I didn't want to look that "muscley" anyway, so.there. Now, if I could look like that after working out 3 times a week and only taking half of a brownie that would be awesome. As that is not the case I will be eating the WHOLE brownie. Thank you.

This weekend I got a new pair of sneakers and when I got to the car I switched shoes like a 5 year old so I could wear my news ones .

That is all


  1. Yes, eat the whole brownie! I still pin workout stuff - but I think I have only ever referred back to one of the pins. Now dessert pins - those I come back to and try. :)

  2. Oh my goodness. This post made me laugh out loud. I love the picture. funny.