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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cafe Girl

So, I just had an awkward moment...really several minutes. This week almost everyone at work is in Dallas at a client conference. That means all of the painting and construction to the third floor of our office building is happening while they are out. The powers that be also thought it would be the perfect week to build a short wall...right where my desk was.

I moved all of my stuff over to another desk, but that obviously did not remove me from the sounds and smells of the construction going on directly behind my new location. In an effort to avoid a paint high, I relocated to the cafe on the first floor of our building. I have been sitting down there at a corner table all week and actually kind of enjoying the peace and quiet.

Apparently my movements did not go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to me, the finance people, that also sit on the first floor, have been wondering who I am. Today while I was sitting down there for lunch (I had a temporary reprieve because I am watching the front desk today) someone from finance came up to me, and with real concern in his voice, asked if I had a desk. OMG. After I had explained my situation he told me that they had been talking about me in finance and wondering who the girl was in the cafe.

I am now the "cafe girl". I guess there could be worse labels.

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