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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Days

The nights are getting chilly around here and as I mentioned in my last post we were eagerly waiting to use our fireplace. This dream was realized that Saturday night ....just not with the romantic ambience we imagined. My husband had started a fire, and boy was it beautiful, all bright and crackling....until the house started to FLOOD with thick smoke and our fire alarm went off....and we realized we forgot to open the flu......hilarious panic ensued. I stood under the fire alarm, fanning it with a gift bag we had just purchased as my husband threw open both doors and ran from the sink to the fire with glasses of water. We put out the lovely fire and had to start from scratch with our soaked fireplace. Thankfully, persistence won

This month we also decided to purchase a puppy

SO cute, cuddly and incorrigible. Our first walk he kept whining and sitting down. Basically he was not a fan. This should get better with time though, once he gets used to having something around his neck. We took him to PetSmart for his first obedience class....which he slept thru, while the other puppies barked and played with each other. In his defence, it was basically just the instructor answering questions so he didn't really need to be awake. It was super helpful for us though. 

We set up a system so he has access to the yard and his crate inside while we are at work. We put the crate in front of the doggie door so he either goes outside or into the crate. We wedged the open door of the crate into the door so he can't get to the rest of the house. Yesterday Chris and I were greeted as we came home from work by Winston....
Annnd....he somehow managed to squeeze his body under the crate door and had apparently had free reign of the house for who knows how long. No accidents though, so, there's the good news. The only thing he appeared to have chewed the snot out of was our rug in front of the door going to the garage. The corner is basically gone. Considering the mischief he might have gotten into we felt extremely relieved. Basically, our dog is a ninja. We believe we have conquered this problem by closing the inner door and putting things behind it so he can't push it open. Time will tell. Oh my...good thing my husband and I both have a healthy sense of humor....and don't own expensive things.....

I have no doubt that this dog will supply countless stories so stay tuned.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe he was able to run figure out how to get out of/around the crate. He was a good boy though to only chew the rug and not have any accidents. Winston sure is cute!