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Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Been A While....

Hello faithful readers!

I know it has been a long time since my last post. So, for those of you that may have noticed, thanks for caring. :)

My time has largely been taken up by work and what felt like an endless saga to wrest my bridesmaid dress from a seemingly endless pit of lies and confusion that is House of Brides. And no, my language is NOT too dramatic. Trust me. What began as a seemingly innocent slip on their part (by that I mean not letting me know after 4 weeks that they no longer work with the designer that makes me dress so it was not being made, ANYWHERE), turned into a mountain of customer service inquiries only to be told one untruth after another. These are all recorded transactions, seriously, I e-mailed myself a copy of the chats. They are summarized below. Timeline:

January 11th-Order Dress
February 11th-Check in with Ashley in customer service and am told designer no longer makes dress. They can custom make the dress in house if I send an e-mail authorizing them to do so. I send the e-mail and Ashley let's me know it is received but I should receive an e-mail from the ordering department in 7 days letting me know they have received my order
February 18th-Still have not received e-mail from ordering department. Check in with customer service, and get Anne. She says they never received my authorization e-mail. I re-send said e-mail and ask her to e-mail her response while I am on with her to make sure it is actually received. Receive confirmation from her that the order is received and has been forwarded to ordering department.
March 1st-Check in on dress and get Max, who tells me my dress is in the cutting department and should be shipped no later than mid-April
April 15th-Check in on status of dress shipment and am told by Anna that the dress fabric was backordered (how was it in the cutting department without fabric?) so the dress will be shipped according to the event date, so within a couple of weeks. (Panic rises)
April 23rd-Check in on dress and am told it should be received in their warehouse that day and will be shipped immediately  As I paid for priority shipping it should arrive within 2 to 5 days. I should receive an e-mail from the shipping department when it is shipped. (Panic still rising)
April 24th-Never received e-mail so I check in again on dress. I am told there is a new note and the dress will be shipped April 25th (Panicked AND angry)
April 29th-I call asking about the shipment of my dress. Customer Service tells me it was on schedule to ship. When I ask why I didn't receive notice of shipment I am told it can take a couple of days to receive that e-mail. (Despite their shipping policy which states an e-mail will be sent immediately when the order is shipped)
April 30th-I submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
May 2nd-I am told I have been issued a refund


In the meantime, I went to Dillards under instructions to go ahead and find another dress.Having covered this shopping trip in prayer I was totally blessed when I found a dress that would work and also came in 4 other sizes that were reasonably close enough to be tailored without too much trouble for the other bridesmaids. Cue Hallelujah chorus.Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah Chorus

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